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Truth for your weekend. https://t.co/1OoMu2WaML
7:14 AM Sep 9th, 2016
6:25 AM Sep 2nd, 2016
Headed on a world-changing trip to Colombia! https://t.co/3WMpOr34w5
7:46 AM Sep 1st, 2016
GEI just hosted another AMAZING gathering at The Berlin Resort! 48 people from around the US and other nations... https://t.co/61iQijcMoY
5:47 AM Aug 31st, 2016
I posted 5 photos on Facebook https://t.co/FlUSg4Qfnb
7:29 AM Aug 25th, 2016


Our website has been designed to give you access to the materials and training available through the La Red Business Network. We have grown from serving the business community into an organization with influence in the government sector as well as the educational systems of the world. We are about values based curriculum and ethical leadership.

In addition, we have established many video links and slide shows that will allow you to see and hear firsthand the material and training opportunities that are taking place around the world. We are excited that you would consider getting involved with this network that believes in world change.