The La Red Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit organization that brings transformation to the minds and hearts of people through the study of Kingdom values and principles. We believe God has called people to have influence in various spheres of society and wants each person to function effectively and with integrity and character wherever they may be.

Birthed in 1989 through a vision given to the founder, John E. Schrock, in which he saw the world coming to God’s people for answers,  John then wrote the 40 principles which are designed to equip and train leaders of transformation  for that movement. These principles are studied in a weekly meeting called a RoundTable and uses the Methodology of the same name.

La Red RoundTables have been implemented in over 100 nations and have affected over 1,000,000 people and are continuing to spread exponentially through grassroots movements in every sector of society.


La Red History Timeline

1978 – John Starts Mini Merchant and uses principles in business
1978 – Bernie Torrence creates Proverbs Booklet
1989 – Vision of Scroll given to John in St. Louis
1990 – IFCB launched the first international office in Ibague, CO
1991 – Pat Robertson meeting and divine airport ride with Jose and Eduardo
1992 – IFCB changed name to La Red – 153 fish meeting
1993 – Visitation of God in Panama. Birth of La Red organization
1993 – Mike Poulin was introduced to La Red
2004 – Colombia Prison Initiative launched values program
2004 – Jerry was commissioned by John to become President of La Red
2004 – EQUIP connection is made by Jerry
2004 – Dawn becomes CEO of Digital Dish
2005 – Global Entrepreneurs Network (GEI) launched around the world
2006 – Guatemala Supreme Court launched values initiative
2007 – 400,000 of the Colombia Military launched values initiative
2009 – Global Priority launches with the Royal Bahamas Police Force
2009 – Mike became a Global Priority international trainer
2009 – Anti-Virus Youth begins writing values for a public school program
2011 – John passed in Berlin, Ohio
2012 – Alabama prisons launches values programs
2012 – Anti-Virus Youth launch in first Public School
2014 – Global Priority Solutions becomes a for-profit, trademarked business
2014 – Begin collaboration with EQUIP & John Maxwell Co.
2014 – Biography written on John’s life and stories
2016 – Ohio prison launches values programs