Productivity is designed to impact the mind of the leader. This changes the point of view. Many problems, especially those involving communication, can be solved with another perspective.

  • Ambition

    One of the first character traits of a successful person is their endless ambition. They are usually known as hard workers, always concerned about getting things done.

  • Goals

    If we don’t have a goal, then we don’t have direction for our lives, and we will become a part of someone else’s plan. We must understand that things don’t just happen.

  • Dependability

    One of the most visible character flaws is the inability to be somewhere on time, or not show up at all. Tardiness, or not being punctual, is costly because it affects our reputation.

  • Hard Work

    Good work ethics are among the qualities and values that will make any nation great; but in our world today sometimes we are not even allowed to help each other get the job done.

  • Productivity

    The key to effectiveness is to manage hard work and productivity on one side, with control and stewardship on the other side. We should never be satisfied with just being organized.

  • Common Sense

    Common sense is not so common anymore. If we can understand its value and apply it as a part of our lives, we will have learned a lot. It is when we get away from common sense that we lose.

  • Direction

    It’s difficult to accept directions from someone who we don’t know or has no previous track record. But the more we learn about God and His ways, the more we will trust in His direction.

  • Effective Planning

    Wise planning will save us from lots of problems in every aspect of life, making it more orderly and meaningful. All good plans have short and long-term goals.

  • Facts

    Sometimes we confuse the word truth with facts. Although facts are based on certain truths, we may have the facts but may not necessarily have all the truth.

  • Responsibility

    Being responsible is more than making a commitment. It is a true calling or value-based belief birthed in a person. It’s a desire or an inner force that holds them accountable to themselves.