Hard Work

“Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed. ” Proverbs 12:24

By John E. Schrock, Businessman

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Work. . . It is almost a bad word anymore. Nowadays we want to have everything handed to us. Being a hard worker is one of the finest qualities we will find in a person. It is what brings success to our lives, our communities and nation. Good, hard workers are always concerned about quantity and quality production. They become valuable to any organization or company, because they are productive. The Proverb says, "Work hard and become a leader..." Here’s why:

The hard worker’s mind is on getting things done. When they are working, they see other things that need to be done, and do those jobs as well. Since they are production oriented, they become creative. They look for work and ways to get it done better and faster. This will get the hard workers a promotion, and before long, they will be in leadership.

Good work ethics are among the qualities and values that will make any nation great; but in our world today sometimes we are not even allowed to help each other get the job done. Some will tell us, "It’s not our responsibility." They promise to get us more for doing less. Now we want to work less and make more - have shorter hours, more benefits, longer vacations, more holidays. We want less sweat, but more money. What a tragedy. It is no wonder we get in trouble. We have lost one of our greatest assets, the "desire to work." Why is it that when we find a job, we quit looking for work? Our welfare and support systems have made some of us dependent and lazy. These support systems were created to help people for a short term, not to depend on them for a living.

There are three benefits that we will get for being a hard worker:

1. Security: because we will put our trust in God and our developed abilities, not in government programs.

2. Wealth: because we keep increasing our value and wage.

3. Happiness: because we know we have earned our position in life and experience fulfillment.

There is a law in life: Anything that doesn’t work is either fixed or thrown away. This law holds true for people as well. If we don’t work - or won’t work - we are discarded and rejected. Jesus said, "If the salt has lost its flavor (or value), it becomes good for nothing and will be cast out and rejected." We are to create value in order to be accepted. We have a great opportunity in our world today. Be a hard worker, out- perform others, do what others won’t do and you will not only become a leader, but also a rare species and in demand. If you want a good future, be a hard worker.

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Thoughts to Ponder:
Work is an opportunity given by God and is always available, even when jobs are not..