Management helps to establish the will of an individual. This module stresses the importance of being able to make change happen by becoming an agent of change.

  • Ownership

    Godly business people enjoy the responsibility that comes with ownership. They like it, and they are fulfilled and enjoy going to work.

  • Honesty

    Honesty is the core value of character. It is the stabilizer or governor of the soul. We cannot separate truth and honesty from God.

  • Humility

    Humility is an awareness of our continual need for growth and having a proper respect for the contributions that others have made to our success.

  • Generosity

    A generous person will not just feed them a fish for a day, but will also teach them how to fish. He is concerned with their future not just their present.

  • Trust in God

    What does it mean to trust God? It does not mean that we stop planning and working toward our dreams. Trusting in God should not make us passive and lazy.

  • Saving

    We have developed a throw-away, self-serving society, and we are programmed to think, "If I want it, I’ll get it. I deserve it now. I’ll charge it and make those easy monthly payments."

  • Sowing

    Watering means managing and nurturing. No matter how much we plant or sow, if we do not constantly cultivate and water, we will not reap in abundance.

  • Debt

    Although borrowing is not considered a positive principle of God’s Kingdom by many, it does have value and should be accepted because of its overall effect on us personally.

  • Co-Signing

    Banks and lending institutions are for people who have needs. If the bank or the family is not responding to the need, there may be a good reason for us not to get involved either.

  • Prosperity

    Somehow, people think that riches are wrong and poverty is good, especially among religious believers. That’s a lie. Nowhere in the Bible do we find this to be true.