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TAKE THE CHALLENGE TO CHANGE!...Are you ready to take a journey that will change you forever? We can be held captive by many things in life—for some it is drugs and alcohol, for others it is lying or feeling insecure. Fear of what will happen in our world can paralyze us. La Red has begun a new PREcovery program to help called Challenge to Change PREcovery™. It is a 7x7 program—seven days a week for seven weeks. But this program is in steps: Step 1 is Week One—"The Invitation"—where you will discover the excesses in your life. Then you can choose to go to Step 2 when you will enter "Chrysalis". After that you will "Emerge" and step into your better future.


"Principles are self-evident, self-validating natural laws. They don't change or shift. They provide "true north" direction to our lives. Principles apply at all times in all places. They surface in the form of values. The lesson of history is that to the degree people and civilizations have operated in harmony with correct principles, they have prospered. At the root of societal declines are foolish practices that represent violations of correct principles. How many economic disasters, intercultural conflicts, political revolutions, and civil wars could have been avoided had there been greater social commitment to correct principles." Stephen Covey (Author of Principle Centered Leadership)


The La Red Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit organization that brings transformation to the minds and hearts of people through the study of Kingdom values and principles. We believe God has called people to have influence in all spheres of society and wants each person to function effectively and with integrity and character wherever they may be.




The Branches of La Red






Foundations for Achievement

There are 40 principles in the La Red Foundations for Achievement training and they have been placed in a specific order to help you get to know yourself, measure your actions and your reactions. Your road to transformation begins when you set aside one hour per week and study a principle that is designed to become the seed for your change.

  • Self Government

    Self Government establishes the foundational attributes needed for an individual to take responsibility for themselves.

  • Productivity

    Productivity is designed to impact the mind of the leader. This changes the point of view. Many problems, especially those involving communication, can be solved with another perspective.

  • Management

    Management helps to establish the will of an individual. This module stresses the importance of being able to make change happen by becoming an agent of change.

  • Leadership

    The Leadership module stresses the power of favor and influence. Personal power is greater than position power. We focus on building relationships that bring about royalty trust and commitment.





La Red Collaborates with Organizations Around the World!


We believe that we can produce greater results when working with other organizations than we can in working alone. Each party brings resources and talents that strengthens the reach of God's Kingdom.

The Foundation has worked in conjunction with organizations such as The John Maxwell organization and Equip, Ohio Prisons, The Nigerian Government, Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala, Glory to God Ministries, Coach Matthew Mitchell, Global United Fellowship and many more to reach millions with the message of transformation.







Your donation makes a difference.

Those leading and those learning will benefit from your charitable gifts. We provide resources to the prisons of the USA and to the orphanages of Africa. We also provide training and materials to reach top levels of government, business and educational organizations around the world.

Your dollars are directly disbursed to organizations that are making a difference through RoundTables™ and the process of transformation through values. La Red Foundation is a non-profit entity and all donations are tax-deductible.



Contact Us

Drop us a line. We love to hear about your La Red experiences and are happy to answer any questions.

Our international office is located in Berlin, Ohio. Millions of people visit each year just to observe a values-driven community.
If you are having trouble contacting any of our leaders please contact us at 330-763-2121.


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