Self Government


Self Government establishes the foundational attributes needed for an individual to take responsibility for themselves. This is the concept of rights versus responsibility. This will structure the individual from the inside out.

  • Motives

    The good life starts when our motives are pure and we follow good principles, taking responsibility for who and what we are.

  • Morality

    Morality: What is it? Webster defines it as principles, standards, or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct.

  • Attitude

    A positive attitude will give us a great future. A negative attitude will keep us close to the present, with very little progress.

  • Emotions

    Emotions are like gasoline - they can be dangerous and destructive, but very valuable when controlled or channeled properly.

  • Proper Thinking

    Thoughts always precede actions. A person is really what he thinks about, not always what he does.

  • Parameters

    Trespassing... is to go beyond the limits of what is morally correct, or to transgress, or intrude beyond the pre-established parameters.

  • Patience

    Good leaders are patient. In this generation of instant food, instant access, and instant information, we have forgotten a great virtue - patience.

  • Restraint

    Even though the tongue is a small member of our body, it creates many problems and is very difficult to control.

  • Temper

    All good men know what it is to have a temper, but they also know how to discipline it.

  • Forgiveness

    To atone means to pay for the iniquity, the evil, or wrong we have done. The end result is forgiveness.