The Leadership module stresses the power of favor and influence. Personal power is greater than position power. We focus on building relationships that bring about royalty trust and commitment.

  • Pressure

    No one is a born leader. Most of us have the potential, but only a few will pay the price or live under the pressure. Good leaders take risks, causing pressure.

  • Understanding People

    A good understanding will also give us a forgiving attitude. Jesus understood His accusers. That's why He could say, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."

  • Developing People

    To develop means to become gradually fuller, larger or better. We must accept the fact that if we want to develop into our potential, we must always be prepared to change.

  • Listening

    If we are going to be successful in building business and personal relationships, we will need to take the initiative to listen until we know where people are and what they need.

  • Inspiration

    All good leaders will use incentives and dream-planting for motivating 10 to 1 over fear. They know fear must be a part of leading, but only as a last resort. Good leaders will focus on incentives.

  • Conflict

    There are those who think that life should be without conflicts, but behind every great man or woman there are war stories. These experiences have taught principles that make them wise.

  • Confrontation

    When we are confronted, our natural tendencies are to get defensive. It’s because we don’t want to be proven wrong. To be wrong is considered humbling, and it hurts our pride.

  • Criticism

    If we accept criticism we will profit. The criticism may not be true, but then again, it may! So the value is in listening to it, and not measuring it by the person giving it.

  • Chastisement / Correction

    Everything alive that has been trained and becomes valuable will understand fear-motivation. Punishing misdeeds chases evil or unfavorable ideas and behavior from us.

  • Judgment

    One of the leadership qualities is to be able to make right judgments. Right judgments are not attained and then maintained; instead they are a God-given insight into each situation.