Start a RoundTable

The La Red RoundTable Methodology creates an environment that is a key part of bringing about change in your life. The RoundTable is very simple to duplicate and unleashes a peer-to-peer personal calibration system. By engrafting the La Red principles into your life, you will become a powerful influencer. These videos have been designed to help you start your first RoundTable.

This is how to conduct the RoundTable:

Each person in the group will read a paragraph from the principle. Underline any “nugget of truth” that is relevant and helpful to your current life situation.

Once you have finished reading the principle, each person shares what they underlined and what it was about that phrase that made it stand out to them. This is also a good time to explain how you might use this in your day to day life.

After everyone has shared what they underlined, take a few minutes to discuss the questions at the end of principle. It is important that each person has an opportunity to take part in the discussion.

Last, each person will choose one of the “Steps to Follow” to work on in the coming week.

At the next meeting, take a few minutes to review the previous principle and how you have put it into practice.